If you’re driving by the Ranson Civic Center and see a large metal structure covered in plastic and wonder what it is, it’s the Ranson Old Town Community Gardens High Tunnel.

If your next question is “ok, great, what’s a high tunnel” the short answer is it’s a type of greenhouse.

The longer answer comes to us from www.hightunnels.org.

“High tunnels, or hoophouses, are unheated greenhouses that can help commercial farmers extend their growing season so that they can improve the profitability and productivity of their farms.

High tunnels are also an integral part of local food production systems in many parts of the United States. They aid fruit and vegetable crop production by extending the cropping season, providing protection from the elements (wind, storms, heat, etc.), and result in a more-stable production system that poses less risk of crop failure.

High tunnels come in many different shapes, sizes, and structures. Many 4-season tunnels are as small as 1000 sq ft for, and 3-season tunnels (plastic is removed during winter) can span ranges up to 20+ acres.”

Stop by and check it out!