Even though winter is upon us–although the recent 60 degree days make it hard to believe–the Gardens have been busy. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s been happening.

  • Eagle Scout candidate Kyle Parker installed our beautiful new entrance sign at W 3rd Ave last weekend   I sent a couple photos for our Facebook page
  • Dave Haymaker is building more shelves in the CC shed and a small cabinet for time sheets and brochures on the side of the irrigation system box using surplus materials
  • LDS volunteers added bubble wrap to the raised beds at W3 and nursery cloth between high tunnel and block beds in residents garden
  • Larry Barkdoll has 275-300 free blocks for us from a shed demolition; will bring around 100 to HT area this week to help complete block beds for residents garden
  • Lou Stravnicky bent 20 4′ wide hoops for us today and left us 29 more lengths of conduit for making 3′ hoops to fit block beds at residents gardens  He offered to help us build our own hoop bender using his innovative design as a template  Thanks to Sharon for arranging Lou’s assistance
  • JCCM client Kevin Kelican received training from Roger on harvesting  lettuce for daily morning delivery to the food pantry  We’ll be delivering about 5-6 heads per day  Our supply in the HT raised bed should last into February

Thanks to everyone that continues to help us out during the “off season”. If you haven’t already, stop by and watch us grow!