Ranson Gardens still has NIP Credits available until June 1, 2021. These must be allocated before that date or we lose the credits.

Ranson Community Gardens (RCG) has been again been awarded a Neighborhood Investment grant for 2020-2021. This year’s application was titled “Growing Mental Peace and Food Stability Through Community Gardening.

With the pandemic, safe outdoor spaces are more important than ever. This year’s project is to enhance the primary spaces that make up the Gardens to continue to make them more accessible and encourage more people to experience the physical and mental opportunities gardening offers.

Our plan this year is to improve the greenhouse to make it more focused on training and workshops. We plan to improve our solar pumping system to make it easier and more stable. We are going to add urban and residential gardening examples along with workshops to help people see the many ways they can garden at home.

We are going to also re-establish access to city water and electricity. This will allow us to partner with additional organizations and offer more extensive workshops and classes. The addition of potable water will allow us to establish a hand washing station and the electricity will let us do cooking demonstrations and other types of presentations.

Finally, we are going to continue to add gardening spaces for our Resident Gardener program. We are going to upgrade part of our space and add additional picnic tables and chairs so the gardeners and others can enjoy the outdoor space in a socially responsible manner.

Contact us to day if you’d like to learn more about this great opportunity to help the community.