RCG is making an effort to help local schools add and improve their garden spaces. Gardening is great for sensory and experiential learning, and helps boost confidence and self-esteem. It’s also super fun! At Ranson Elementary’ s garden, the raised beds were in bad shape after a few years of weather, and Kindergarten teacher Anne Miller has been eager to get her students gardening. 

So, on March 27, RCG and volunteers for the Junior League of the Eastern Panhandle (JuLEP) took down the weathered raised beds, recycled their materials back into the garden and added steel raised beds that the students will be painting with their Art teacher! We are still working on building a trellis-arbor at the entrance, so the kids can walk through a tunnel of beans and peas climbing up above them! If anyone would like to help us out with fun projects like this, feel free to contact carla.toolan@wvumedicine.org!