Hello all! I am so excited to join the board of Ranson Community Gardens and ramp up education opportunities at the garden in 2021. I work for WVU Medicine East in nutrition-focused community outreach, and have been dabbling in gardening and farming since college. As someone who didn’t grow up gardening, I can relate to challenge of jumping in, and I plan to build lots of resources and education opportunities at RCG!

My role is focused on promoting lifestyle health, making healthy food more accessible for all, and supporting local agriculture. I also help to manage the Garden of Promise community garden in Martinsburg, WVU Medicine’s farm-to-clinic vegetable program “Farm to You” in Ranson and Martinsburg, promoting farm-to-school, and other fun projects in community health.

Stay tuned for garden-based workshops for adults and kids alike in 2021! We are gaining momentum with our local Master Gardeners to build a monthly Beginner Gardening Course, and looking to build up safe, appropriate garden-based learning in local schools. If you would like to get involved or learn more, please feel free to contact me at carla.toolan@wvumedicine.org !