The Autumnal Equinox is September 22nd. It’s hard to believe that summer is nearing it’s finish line for the year.

This is prime season for the Gardens. Unfortunately, our squash borer problem has proven fatal to a range of plants including the zucchini, melons and pumpkins. On the plus side our tomatoes, peppers and herbs are all going strong.

That list sounds like a great starting point for a nice bowl of Gazpacho.

As part of our garden enhancements, we’re putting in a washing station that will let us more effectively clean the vegetables. Using a reclaimed sink we’re going to be able to rinse them without having to constantly bend over.

The solar water system has been incorporated into the high tunnel area. We’re hoping to finish that project this month and begin to get ready for the fall crops.

As always, everyone is encouraged to stop by, say ‘hello’ and, if you have time, weed or water a little. Come on over and ‘watch us grow’!