One of the advantages of the community gardens is that we get a chance to try out a wide range of vegetables and varieties.

If you come out and visit you’ll find containers and raised beds full of tomato plants. And, as mentioned before, we are trying out all kinds of different varieties and types of tomatoes.

One that has proven very successful for us is the “Jetsetter” Hybrid. Here’s what the great website “Totally Tomatoes” has to say about the Jetsetter

“(VFFNASt) Think Jet Star is the best fresh market variety? This one’s earlier, with better disease resistance! Jetsetter sacrifices nothing for it’s early maturity – delivers great “real tomato” flavor in large 8 oz. fruits that are smooth, juicy, flattened globes, with consistently huge yields and good disease resistance.”

Stop by the gardens and check them out for yourself!