Yesterday was the longest day of 2016. Summer has now officially begun and things are booming in the gardens.

Thanks for all the help the Harvest Pointe Community Church youth group provided at the community garden last week.  We’re a lot further along because of everyone’s efforts.  They helped clear the weeds, build raised beds, reorganize containerized plants and plant seeds for our summer crops.

Speaking of which (summer crops) there is still plenty of time to sow seeds out doors. We planted about 15 varieties of cucumber, melons, summer and winter squash, pumpkin, pole beans, and watermelon.

If you’re not sure what you still have time to get in the ground, the Farmers Almanac has a great listing. Everyone is welcome to stop by the gardens to see what’s happening or to ask any questions about your own gardens. Someone is there everyday from 10am-12pm.