Our attendance at the African American Heritage Festival was very successful.  Despite very short notice, the NAACP welcomed our participation.  We had a great street side location and  on our table we had a nice variety  (about 15) of our currently available vegetables and herbs (6 basil and 3 thyme).   We had photos on our umbrella support pole showing our high tunnel, raised beds and an aerial photo/street map.   We also had a JCCM table display and flyers for ROTCG.   I  set up Roger’s “L’il Sprout” portable solar powered irrigation system next to our table which generated a good deal of interest,  including a few hands-on demonstrations!

Between 10 and 4,  Bill was able to introduce the gardens to about 30 festival participants and passersby, nine of whom signed up to join our EMail friends list. Several more folks indicated that they would be stopping by the gardens to learn more first hand.  One signed on to be a volunteer and others expressed interest in volunteering.  A couple had heard about the gardens, but most were not aware of the projects just a few blocks away.  As we were next to a campaign table,  I was able to introduce the gardens to several candidates who were universally supportive (three candidates from both parties signed up for our EMail list).  We handed out about 25 of our flyers and quite a few business cards for JCCM and ROTCG.   There were many positive comments about our vision and goals, and especially about the partnership between our two organizations.

All in all, a pretty good day for getting to know some of our neighbors and making new friends.