The Gardens is 100% dependent upon our volunteers. This includes our Garden Manager (and Volunteer of the Year) Jean Marie, the groups and individuals that come out each week to water and keep things in order, and the 25 or so Resident Gardeners.

The 2021 season was another interesting year. While the Covid pandemic has started to ease, it is still a long way from finished. Through it all, everyone continued to show up and do their part.

We held a couple of events to show our thanks. On October 24th, we held a Family Fun Festival where we showed off our new wall–built by Charles Town Scout Troop #42.

Then, on November 21st we held a “Thank you Volunteers” event. Both were a lot of fun.

A special shout-out to Volunteer West Virginia for giving us a mini-grant of $375 to help us celebrate. We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2022!